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#aprilintentions Day 15, King Cobra (Raja Bhujangasana)
Warm up with a few sun salutations. Push up to cobra (Yoga Journal guide on cobra here!) with your shoulders rolled back and down, pressing the tops of your feet into the mat. Definitely warm up with a baby cobra and get bigger as you go. You risk injuring your back if you jump right in to the deep backbends!
To come into king cobra, start to bring your toes to your head. Aim to straighten your arms (but this is not upward facing dog — thighs stay on the ground!). I like to come onto my fingertips, it’s powerful and helps me to bend in my upper back and keep my shoulders down.
If you’d like an extra push, try this up against a wall. Lie on your belly with your knees up against the wall. Breathe in and out, and on an exhale bend your head up, then your upper back, then your lower back. Come down in the opposite way: lower back, upper back, head.
Only go as far as you can at this time. Working on this regularly will improve your back flexibility, so don’t worry where you are at now! Take today’s challenge picture as a reference for a month or several months from now. I have a king cobra challenge pose from december, and I love seeing the improvement in this one. Progress pictures are always worth the first one. <3
Today my intention is gratitude.
The sun sees your body. The moon sees your soul.
written by NJ (via w-hitefawn)

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My legs and elbows are uneven; I tend to favor my right side.  I’m working on evening them out, but it’s so hard! xD

I bought some bras from free people and I’m totally obsessed with them
They’re so cute and comfy


Peanut butter & banana toast (on sprouted grain bread) topped with a sprinkle of brown sugar, chopped dark chocolate chips, and chopped almonds - lightly broiled until chocolate chips melted and bananas became golden.

Massaging your own feet. mmmm <3 <3

I stumbled across this woodland by accident a few hours ago, the entire place is filled with wild bluebells. This is the first photograph from this beautiful place.
Bluebells Below a Giant - By Freddie Ardley Photography 

Soy Ginger Soba Noodles